Friday, August 8, 2008

Baseball is boring...

Arvest Ballpark opened this year and Brad has been wanting to take Neely to a game. I don't think he understands that Neely thinks baseball is boring too. But, since the weather was so nice tonight, I suggested we go. The game was at 7:30, which is usually Neely's bedtime & since she didn't take a nap today AT ALL, I was expecting a really fussy baby. But as usual, she was perfect. She smiled and babbled to all the people around us and was too cute. Not only is baseball boring, it is also SLOW--we stayed over an hour and they only got through 2 innings. UGH. Here's a picture of us as we're leaving the game.

I had my last day of work today. Woo Hoo! My office got me a gift certificate for several months at gymboree as a going away present. I was so excited. I had already planned on getting her involved in that & now I definitely will. I will definitely miss the people I worked with, just not the work. Picking Neely up from daycare for the last time was REALLY sad. These ladies just love her and I feel guilty taking her away from them. CRAZY--I already know. They gave her a sweet going away present too--some bath toys (they know how much she loves the water) and a framed picture of Neely and the teachers. So sweet. They also gave her a card with personal messages from the teachers. I just cried when I read the notes. Neely has truly been blessed to have them in her life.

Tomorrow I'm going to write about John Edwards. The whole situation just makes me sick.

On a final note--two days in a bout that?

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Katie said...

I know you're going to love staying home with your baby girl!