Monday, September 1, 2008

Good TV

This is my favorite time of year. Yes, I love the cooler weather, the pumpkins on front porches, Razorback football season, and all the typical fall stuff, but the real reason I love this time of year is that good TV is back on!!! 2 of my guilty pleasures started this week and I am so excited. Brad is not happy. Both of these shows are extremely cheesy. In the especially cheesy parts, I pause the DVR, look at Brad and say in my most serious tone: "This is such good TV". He hates me.

My first guilty pleasure is Greek. First let me say that I can not believe that this comes on ABC Family. This is not what I will be watching with Neely. EVER. If you haven't watched it, it's about stereotypical Greek life. And, there is nothing realistic about it. At all. I can't explain why I love this show. Maybe it's because it makes me want to go back to college, but who knows?
My second guilty pleasure is Gossip Girl. The season premiere was tonight. Another one that's not for the kiddos. I swear I don't think there is anything on TV now at night that is appropriate for kids (especially not this). This show follows a group of prep school kids that live in New York City. A lot of dating and partying goes on, but not any school work. This show definitely doesn't make me want to go back to high school (nothing does). It does amaze me what these kids in high school do though.
Now you know that I have the taste of a 13 year old in picking out my tv shows.
We had a great trip home over the weekend. I'll post about that tomorrow.


Kelly said...

You are funny! I watch WAY too much TV but I've never seen either of those. They seem like something I WOULD watch. Scott is always getting on to me for the stupid shows I like to watch.

kacysuzanne said...

I also love Greek - it's a great middle of the night feeding show. And Mike cannot stand it at all - he makes fun of me everytime it's recording. I'm glad to know someone shares my guilty pleasure!