Friday, November 7, 2008

Catching Up - Part 3

Last week, Neely and I spent the week visiting my best friend from college, Marlana and her daughter, Hanya. This was Neely's 2nd trip on an airplane and once again it was a breeze. Here we are on the airplane. For some reason the planes were only about half full, so we always had an extra seat. This made it so much better.We had a layover in the Chicago airport and they had a special area set up for kids. They had a whole bunch of things set up for kids to crawl on. This was great for Neely and for me too. She was able to tire herself out before we had to get on the plane again. We went to the Louisville Zoo again this trip & Neely had a great time. It was exciting to see her actually realize that she was looking at animals. These are the pictures from when she was looking at the monkeys.

Before we left the zoo, Neely went on her first train ride. Here are the four of us. Aren't the girls cute in their matching outfits?Every night the girls took a bath together. Once again, aren't they cute?
On Halloween, we went to a playgroup. Neely thought this little boy was a toy.
And here are the pictures from her first Halloween.

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kacysuzanne said...

Wow - 2 trips on a plane without problems? Way to go, Neely! The flower looks too cute. She's getting so big!