Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Denver Aquarium and Children's Museum

Brad took Monday off so we could spend an extra day in Denver. Our first stop was the aquarium. Neely was really interested in the fish for about 5 minutes and then she couldn't have cared less. It was a pretty small aquarium, but it was the perfect size for young kids. Here is Neely with some tropical fish. Most of the time, all Neely wanted to do was reach over the tanks and try to touch the water.
After the aquarium, we went to the Children's Museum and she absolutely LOVED it. Here she is in the firetruck with Brad.
They had a special section for kids under 4. Here she is on the fishing dock looking over the babies.
And climbing on some trees...
And more climbing...
And rocking in the boat...
And pretending to be a vet... Well maybe not pretending, but at least dressed up like one.
And playing with the train.
And playing in the squirrel's nest? Or at least that's what Brad called it. I didn't even know that squirrels had nests. He may have made that up.
We ate at an old diner for lunch. I had the BEST chicken fried steak. Oh how I love fried food. And obviously so does Neely. I think she had a whole chicken strip and a handful of fries in her mouth in this picture.
Late in the day, we drove south to Colorado Springs. I think Pike's Peak is the mountain on the right, but I asked so many times and never really figured it out. We also drove through the Garden of the Gods. Neely slept through it all.
Before we left, we had Neely's picture taken with Santa. She was TERRIFIED. Bless her heart--she was clinging to me the entire time. So now we are back home!


Marlana said...


Kelly said...

I had fun eating lunch with you yesterday! :-)
That trip looks so fun - Neely is just SO cute!
Scott loved CFS but that is one thing I can not stand. ha!

amywelborn said...

Love the pics! David and I used to live RIGHT by that aquarium when we first got married! We literraly walked to it one day. I love Denver!

Santa pic is priceless! I can't wait to take Maddox and Cruz!