Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The past few weeks

Once again, it's been a long time since I posted. So, I'll just post a bunch of pictures again.
Here are some pictures of Neely and her friend, Maddox, playing at Gymboree:
She loves playing in tunnels!
Getting close to taking some steps by herself. Loving the rocking horse!
Again, in the tunnels!
The week before Thanksgiving, we went to Fayetteville to see the lights on the square. We were going to eat at Tim's but it was SO busy, so we ate with Uncle Kris and US Pizza.
While we were in Blytheville for Thanksgiving, Neely tried ice cream for the first time. SHE LOVED IT!

Here's Neely getting her first birthday present from her Great Great Aunt Ethylen. She got a doll that looks a lot like her and a book called "Do You Wear Diapers?".
Just a cute picture from Thanksgiving week.
While we were in Blytheville, we had a birthday party for her with my parents. Here are her cakes!
In her birthday hat--it only lasted about 5 seconds!
She LOVED cake!
Still eating...
Neely looked so cute on Thanksgiving day! Here she is with mom and Kris. She didn't mind the hat at all!
And with mom by herself.
This is what Neely loved the most about Thanksgiving. Her cousin, Jack, pulled her around in the wagon in the back yard for forever. I swear they were going about 30 mph. And she loved every minute of it.


OTmom said...

Happy Birthday Neely! Such a cutie pie!!!

amywelborn said...

Happy belated birthday to Neely!! I love all the new pics! Her birthday hat is adorable. Did you ever find the perfect outfit you were looking for?

As soon as things settle down we'll have to have you two over for a play date. Poor Maddox is getting bored hanging out at the house with me and Cruz! He needs a friend! :)

Lindsey said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet girl! Older cousins are so great at keeping them entertained and giving you a break! She's adorable!