Friday, August 29, 2008

Week in Review and lots of pictures

We have had such a busy week!

On Monday, we went to eat with our new friend, Kelly. She is super sweet and is having her first baby, Harper, this January. We ate at Copelands and as usual Neely ate a whole bunch of Cheerios. Here is a picture of us that Kelly took.
Tuesday was a super laid back day. I think this was the first day Neely and I didn't have anything "planned". We just laid around the house and made a late afternoon run to Wal-Mart. I think Wal-Mart will be Neely's first word since we go there so often.

On Wednesday, we had lunch with people from my old office and my old buyer at Smokin' Joes. Once again, Neely ate a whole bunch of Cheerios. I can't wait until she can eat some real food. In the afternoon, we had a photo shoot with our new camera.
Yesterday we had some funniness at the house. We are changing one of the guest rooms into Neely's playroom. I knew that Kris's (my brother) roommate had been sleeping on a futon, so I offered the old mattress to him. I told him to find a truck and he could come pick it up. They showed up yesterday to pick it up. This was how they carried it home:This is a picture of Kris and his roommate. They are so funny with Neely.
Here's Kris and me with Neely. He really needs to shave.
We are heading to Blytheville today. I am so looking forward to it, but dreading the drive. We are going to miss the Razorback game this weekend, but I promised Brad this would be the only one we would miss this year. I will be taking lots of pictures and promise to post more frequently next week.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Lazy Weekend, Boring Post

We have had such a lazy weekend.

We went out to dinner Friday night at the Dixie Cafe (as usual, we were the youngest people there, but I LOVE IT!). Neely had her first "real" vegetables (not baby food) and she was not a fan. She would put the carrots and green beans in her mouth, smoosh them up, and then spit them back out. I wish I could have gotten a picture. Her faces were too funny! When we got home, we has her playing on her belly and she started CRAWLING for the first time. She doesn't crawl well, it's more like scooting, but we're still counting it!

Yesterday we stayed in our pajamas until noon and then went shopping a little bit. We grilled out last night and it was so good.

This morning we all slept through church! I can't believe it! I woke up this morning looked at the clock and couldn't believe it. I guess I forgot to turn the alarm on since I don't use it during the week anymore. I am so disappointed in myself. I was so looking forward to it this week. So, we've just lounged around today too.

I am going to get a new camera tomorrow, so maybe my posts won't be so boring.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Life, Kindermusik, and Decorating

First off, let me say once again. I love my new life. I am so appreciative that Brad is so supportive of my decision to stay at home with Neely. We are just having a blast. Neely is so much fun at this age and she is so cuddly right now. Sometimes after she goes to bed at night, I want to wake her up just to spend more time with her. It's amazing how in love I am with that little girl.

So today we started Kindermusik with Miss Ruth. It's a really small class with only 4 kids, but Neely loved it. She just squealed and jabbered the whole time. I am so glad that I am doing this so she can spend time with kids her own age.

I would have taken a picture, but I dropped my camera and broke the LCD screen. :(

I have been up late thinking about how I want to decorate Neely's playroom. I'm really torn between going all out and making it super cute or just making it into a junk toy room. One thing that bothers me is what would happen if we had another baby. I want to always have a guest room where my parents can stay, but if I have another baby I would either have to lose the playroom or the guest room. oh the struggles I have. :) I think the solution is to get a new house, but I don't think I'm going to suggest that to Brad 6 days after I got my last paycheck.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Be still my heart

Today I bought something that makes my life complete.

I kid you not. I don't think I have ever been so incredibly thrilled with a purchase. I have wanted one of these since I was about 10. And then when I went to Sherwin Willams today to pick out paint samples for Neely's playroom, I saw it...for only $9.99!!! SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT UP! Words can't describe my excitement.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Help, Help, Help

I am working on putting together my living room and dining room curtains and can't decide what fabric to use. I have purchased red silk panels & am planning on adding a yard of a coordinating fabric to the top. Which one do you think?

The floral fabric is the upholstry fabric I am using for my breakfast nook chair cushions. I am planning on putting a big trim between the 2 fabrics on the curtains.

Blogging Genius

After 3 days of struggling with it...I finally have a pretty background!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Week In Review

I am wrapping up my first week as a stay at home mom, and I must say...I LOVE IT! It's been amazing how relaxed I've felt this week.

Neely and I have had so much fun. We had lunch with Lisa on Tuesday and Uncle Kris on Wednesday. We've been to the fabric store to pick out drapes and order fabric. We went to our first playgroup.

Brad has been gone all week & I am so ready for him to be home.

Here are a few pictures from the week:

She didn't get the message that I was working on decluttering the house...
Her first night sleeping 13 hours without a feeding...woo hoo!!!
Playing with her new activity table...
And finally, an example of my great parenting skills:
After she finished eating her vegetables, I let her play in them so I could eat my own dinner.

Yes, she is sucking the sweet potatoes out of her bib. I am so proud.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

She may not look like me, but...

Proof that Neely really is my child.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Free at last!

It's a little surreal to think that I don't have to get up & go to work tomorrow. I'm so pumped! This is the first Sunday night in a long time that I have actually felt relaxed.

Neely and I don't have much planned for the week. Brad is leaving for Vail tomorrow, so it's going to be just us girls all week. I have been making a mental list of all the things I am going to accomplish once I quit working, so we'll see how that goes. My first thing on the list is to get my house clean and clutter free. Tomorrow I'm planning on tackling the master bathroom.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Baseball is boring...

Arvest Ballpark opened this year and Brad has been wanting to take Neely to a game. I don't think he understands that Neely thinks baseball is boring too. But, since the weather was so nice tonight, I suggested we go. The game was at 7:30, which is usually Neely's bedtime & since she didn't take a nap today AT ALL, I was expecting a really fussy baby. But as usual, she was perfect. She smiled and babbled to all the people around us and was too cute. Not only is baseball boring, it is also SLOW--we stayed over an hour and they only got through 2 innings. UGH. Here's a picture of us as we're leaving the game.

I had my last day of work today. Woo Hoo! My office got me a gift certificate for several months at gymboree as a going away present. I was so excited. I had already planned on getting her involved in that & now I definitely will. I will definitely miss the people I worked with, just not the work. Picking Neely up from daycare for the last time was REALLY sad. These ladies just love her and I feel guilty taking her away from them. CRAZY--I already know. They gave her a sweet going away present too--some bath toys (they know how much she loves the water) and a framed picture of Neely and the teachers. So sweet. They also gave her a card with personal messages from the teachers. I just cried when I read the notes. Neely has truly been blessed to have them in her life.

Tomorrow I'm going to write about John Edwards. The whole situation just makes me sick.

On a final note--two days in a bout that?

Thursday, August 7, 2008


Lots of great things have been going on in our lives lately!

First things first--tomorrow is my last day of being a working mom! I am so excited. Although I have loved my job (most of the time) the past four years, I have just not been excited about it since I came back from maternity leave. The company was so great to let me work part time, but I was still SO exhausted. Getting up at 5:30 is just not for me. I know that there will be some days that I will miss the people at the office, but I know that I am going to LOVE being at home with my baby girl. The only thing that makes me sad about quitting my job is taking Neely out of daycare. I know, it sounds crazy. But she loves it! I really do give daycare a lot of credit for her being such a happy baby.

Neely's 7 Month Portrait

Neely is 8 months old now. I can't believe it. She's been very busy learning new things--she is babbling like crazy, scooting around on her behind, standing holding on to the furniture, and just started waving. Of course, I think she is just crazy cute.

Brad started a new job. Still a supplier for Wal-Mart, but a small company that is based out of Colorado. So far it seems like a really great job with one exception. The company is very environmentally conscious, so Brad has been trying to incorporate this into our household. One problem--I don't believe in recycling. Too much stinkin trouble. Maybe I'll give in soon, but it's been fun listening to him explain over and over again how I can't "choose" to not believe in recycling.

Stay tuned for more updates. Now that I'm going to be staying at home, I plan on doing lots more blogging.