Thursday, May 7, 2009

I LOVE Pigtails!

From the moment I found out I was having a girl, I could picture one thing...PIGTAILS! I can't think of anything cuter! Neely's hair has finally gotten long enough to put in some pigtails, and I am so happy. Now, I just need to start buying some double bows. I bought Neely a little patio set for outside, but since the weather has been so nasty, I put it together and have been letting her play with it inside. She absolutely loves it. I swear she moves the table and chairs around about a hundred times a day.
I am usually pretty strict with Neely about the food she eats, but she got to try cheese puffs for the first time last week at playgroup & now she is obsessed. I just need to throw the bag away... I have the bag in the pantry and accidentally left the door open & this is what I found.


amywelborn said...

I heart pigtails too!!! So cute!!!

Laurie said...

The pigtails are VERY VERY cute. Keep your scissors up HIGH!!!

The Speight Family said...

Love the pigtails!! Em sported some today too!!! I am so glad Neely has the little table and chairs!! They have the same style: 4-wheelers, table/chairs, and CHEESE PUFFS!!!!