Saturday, July 18, 2009

Where we've been, what we've been doing...

Tonight will be the first night in 12 days that I will be sleeping in my own bed, and I am SO HAPPY. Neely and I have had a fun 2 weeks, but I am glad to be home. Let me just say once again how BLESSED I am to have such a good toddler (it hurts my soul not to write baby anymore). This girl rode 26+ hours in the car and never once fussed. I am dividing my post into two, because otherwise there would be picture overload!
So, for the first part of our trip...
On Tuesday, Neely and I headed to Little Rock to stay with my aunt and uncle (can't believe I didn't get a picture of them) because we had Dora Explorer Live tickets for Wednesday morning. We met my friends Lea and Leah from Blytheville & their 2 girls Emerson and Anna Claire. Here we are waiting for Dora to begin. I was really unsure if Neely would enjoy it for 2 reasons--1. because she is so young and 2. because she rarely watches tv and has only seen Dora a couple of times. But, she seemed to love it. She sat on my lap and watched it for the entire show. AMAZING. I am positive that I have never seen her sit still for that long ever before! Here is Neely and Anna Claire. Anna Claire is the SWEETEST little girl.
Here is what Neely thinks about getting to the show early and having to wait!
After naptime, Neely and I decided to go explore at the Old Mill in North Little Rock. This was right around the corner from where my family lived and was the perfect place for Neely to run out her energy!
She loved climbing up all the stairs and over all the bridges.
And it was absolutely beautiful. While we were there, a girl was getting her bridal pictures taken there.
On Thursday, we met my friend, Angela, from high school and her two boys at WonderPlace. Neely loved it. I so wish that we had something like this in NWA.
Neely shopping in the pretend grocery store.
Neely at the water table. I had to remind her over and over again that she couldn't dump the water on her head.
Still playing in the water table.
Making some art--that I forgot to pick up before we left. haha.
Here are Neely and Blake. He is SOOOO sweet.
After WonderPlace, we went to the Purple Cow for lunch. The kids loved their purple milkshakes and I enjoyed getting to catch up with Angela. Here are all 3 kids--Blake, Neely, and Tucker. Aren't they adorable?
Then on Friday we left for Destin...hopefully, I will post about that tomorrow!


Brandi said...

what a beautiful home you have. Your daughter is precious! Had a fun time reading your blog!

Lindsey said...

Can't believe I missed this invite! :) You know Angela is my neighbor? Smallest world!