Saturday, August 29, 2009

First Day of School and Frisco Fest

On Wednesday, Neely started her first day of Mother's Day Out at our church. She went to MDO last year, but went somewhere else. So, on the way I explained to Neely that we were going to church, but that was where she would be going to school too. As soon as she saw the church, she started yelling "SCHOOL, SCHOOL!" She was so excited! I was afraid that she might be nervous because she has a new teacher, but when we got in the building, she ran to her classroom and immediately climbed up on the chair and started doing a puzzle. No goodbye for me at all. I am really thankful that I have such an independent little girl, but sometimes it makes me sad that she adapts so easily and isn't very sad when I leave her. Is that crazy? Here is Neely before school: Last night, we went to Frisco Fest in Downtown Rogers. We have never been before & I have to say that it was very interesting. Not what I expected AT ALL. That said, it was a great people watching experience and we had a good time. Here is Neely at the Mobile Aquarium:
Here is Neely watching the confetti shoot. She was very concerned. After everyone sprayed their confetti, Neely looked at me and said "trash" like she knew they shouldn't be putting paper everywhere. haha.
There was also a band & Neely LOVES to dance. The picture below is of her "shaking it". She has always loved to dance and since I have absolutely no rhythm, I have always encouraged it. She starts out just bouncing with her knees & then if you remind her, she will "shake it", which means that she starts moving her arms. A few months ago, I told her to "drop it like it's hot" (I know, it must be the Blytheville coming out in me) and she squatted down to the ground and danced. She makes me laugh so hard. I also realized that I didn't need to joke around about that or she would be doing that at Sunday School. haha. Luckily she didn't "drop it" at Frisco Fest.


Kelly said...

That is HILARIOUS! I love that all the good little Baptist babies can shake their groove things! HA!
Neely is so cute - I'm glad she likes school!

amywelborn said...

That whole post made me laugh! Love the "trash" part...and love the neely can "drop it like its hot"! Her boyfriend, Maddox, likes to breakdance!!

How "Sweet" it is... said...

That is SO funny!