Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Lions, Tigers and Bears. Oh my!

We took our first trip to the Gentry Drive-Thru Zoo a few weeks ago. To be honest, I had very low expectations, but it was great! Neely loved all the animals! I thought that the drive-thru part was a little long--especially for a girl who got a large Dr. Pepper from Sonic on the way. Neely loved how the animals would come right up to the windows! She wasn't too sure about the hogs. They were pretty ugly and smelly.
She did LOVE the bunnies!
I would estimate that there were approximately 1000 ostriches there.
Telling us all about the birds...


amywelborn said...

Cute pics! Those hogs are nasty!...but Maddox was obsessed with them..ha!

Laurie said...

You know I love that Gentry zoo!