Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Neely!

Saturday was Neely's second birthday. I wasn't sure that she was quite old enough to understand the concept, but when I picked her up from school, she was saying, "I a birfday princess". I think she got it. Since we are having her party next week, I wanted to have a little celebration at the house for her actual birthday. I put her gifts in the middle of the foyer so they would be the first thing she saw when she woke up...

She was so excited. Presents!!!! Balloons!!! ELMO Cake!!!
Somehow she knew how to blow the candles out...

After we had our Birthday Breakfast of cupcakes, we left for Branson to go to Silver Dollar City. It was so cold, but we all had fun. Neely loved the Frosty the Snowman show and all the Christmas music.

2-year highlights (so that I will remember)

* Neely is average in height and weight

* She loves going to Mother’s Day Out—so much that she cries when she leaves

* She was just diagnosed with milk and egg allergies.

* Her favorite drink now is Chocolate Soy Milk.

* She loves crackers, hot dogs, yogurt (soy), cheese (rice), and ice cream (soy)

* She is a very independent player—she loves to do puzzles, magnet dolls, stacking blocks

* She LOVES to dance and sing. She can sing the entire Barney song!

* She is definitely a momma's girl

* She is speaking very well, using 4 word sentences. When people ask me how many words she knows, my only response is "all of them". It's amazing what she says!

* She has been on 7 trips (24 flights!) on planes--I think I was 25 before I had flown that much

* She is still the best thing that ever happened to us

We are having her party next weekend at Gymboree. I let Neely choose what theme she wanted and she chose....Barney. Of course. I really wanted to have a monkey party because I had found (and bought) cute invitations and found a perfect cake and found lots of really cute ideas for decorations, food, and favors. I showed Neely all the monkey stuff, and she said "Mommy, me no like Monkeys." UGH. So I have made a decision, to always let birthday parties be what Neely wants and not what I want.

So check back for pictures of next week's festivities!