Friday, December 17, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree

After Kelly posted this picture of my Christmas tree on her blog yesterday, I have had several people ask how I did it.  And let me tell you, if I can do it, you can do it.  After seeing this picture, I really wish I would have taken the time to straighten the topper, but oh well.  I am too tired to get on a ladder...maybe next year.

In my opinion, the key to a pretty tree is pretty ribbon.  To be honest, that is all I did this year.  Tree decorating came at the height of my pregnancy tiredness, so I finished doing the ribbon and told Brad that we were not going to have any ornaments because I was just too tired.  Brad and Neely did all the ornaments & I have to say that they did a wonderful job.
I am a big fan of the floral mesh, BUT I think it is very important that you can still see the Christmas Tree.  Remember it is a tree.  Not a ball of mesh. 

I know there are some rules about which way your ribbon goes, but I don't know them and I like my ribbon to wrap around, so that is what you get.

I always start in the middle of the tree and work down and then start back in the middle and then work to the top.  I do the floral mesh for the whole tree and then go back with the ribbon in between the mesh.  I am a perfectionist, but it looks better when everything is not perfect.  And remember you can cover up blank spots with ornaments.

The key to this whole thing is FLORAL WIRE.  I wire it in the beginning and poof it out (NOT TOO MUCH...remember...not a ball of mesh) and wire it each time it goes in.  Sometimes if there is a limb poking out, I just wrap that around the mesh & it looks fine.

I think that my tree has 3 or 4 rolls of mesh and 2 rolls of the thick red ribbon.  I got it all 1/2 price, so it wasn't that expensive.  Another thing to remember is don't be afraid to cut the ribbon if you need to.  I think my mesh is in about 15 pieces.
And here is my topper from the front, where you can't see it is leaning.  I just stick a bunch of sparkly sticks in the top so it looks like a volcano.  Usually, I would wire these in, but I was trying to limit my time on the ladder this year, so that didn't happen.  Thus the leaning topper.

One final tip, instead of using the hangers that are in the Christmas section for your ornaments, use floral wire.  That way all the ornaments stay close to the tree and exactly where you placed them.  And wire 3 or 4 small ornaments together and place on tree for more of an impact.
And I'll leave you with this picture of the bottom of my tree.  Neely really wanted to help with the ribbon.  I am so OCD that this is really hard for me to look at every day, but she is so proud and that makes me love it.  Next year, I am going to set up a tree in her playroom upstairs that she can completely decorate.
And lastly this is my cousin, Jonathan, who helped me decorate my first tree.  He has taught me everything I know about tree decorating.  He is by far the most talented designer I know (I don't know very many designers, but let's just ignore that fact).  And here is the good news...he is in the process of moving back to NWA & will be doing Christmas decor next year!  He is planning his first wedding right now & I can't wait to show you the results in January!


Alex and Jill said...

Your tree is beautiful!! I say that I'm going to add ribbon every year and I don't. Definitely doing that next year - adds so much.

I like reading your blog...hope you keep this blogginglikekellystamps up!! :)

Savannah said...

I love your tree!!! It's so beautiful :-)

Lauren & Eddie said...

Your tree is ABSOLUTELY beautiful! I tried the whole mesh thing this year and it didn't work. I did put lots of ribbon on, though, and that looks good!

Lauren said...

Your tree just turned out so beautiful, Amanda! Love it :)

Mallory said...

You have a beautiful tree, family, and blog! I saw on twitter where Kelly mentioned you were back to blogging! Welcome back!

Katie said...

Your tree is beautiful! I'm totally gonna get ribbon and mesh next year!

Caroline said...

LOVE IT AMANDA!!!!!!! i am so glad you gave us some helpful hints. i do not put ribbon on my tree..shocking i know! ha..but i think next year i will try it!

Maria said...

I love your tree!! It's gorgeous. I love your blog too. Neely is SO CUTE. Congratulations on your pregnancy. How fun it is to have two.

And I can't wait to hear more about your talented cousin and the wedding. I do have one question, does he only help people in NWA or does he help people via email who live in say...Columbus, Ohio?