Friday, October 7, 2011


I think one of the most fun things about having 2 girls is comparing how they looked each month.


At first, I didn't think they looked anything alike.  Neely was a pound smaller, so she was so wrinkly.  Maybe that's not a word?  But she was.  Neely was so white, red headed and blue eyed & Lela was tan, black headed and brown eyed.

1 Month

 By one month, they did start looking more similar.  Their coloring, hair and eyes are different, but they have the same mouths, eye shape and hair line.

2 Months

 Lela is starting to have red eyebrows & in the sunlight her hair is red, too.  They have evened out in size by this point.  I still think they look so different, but similar too. 

3 Months

I love these.  By 3 months, Neely was a little butterball.  Lela is much longer and leaner.

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Katy said...

Your girls are precious! Love the comparisons. They are so different. I found your blog from Kellys and I just realized that your youngest and my daughter are 5 days apart. My daughter was born on the 15th of June. So, we are right there together. =) I totally felt your pain on your last post about crying when you left the restaurant. At least you are brave enough to go. Ha! My little girl cries when she is tired and will not sleep longer than 30 min in her car seat so it makes it hard to get out and go places. =( I'm hoping that will get better over time. Love your blog too and glad I found you!