Thursday, October 6, 2011


Oh, y'all.

This afternoon, I was all ready to write out a post about balance. Most days I feel pretty on top of it. I'm a stay at home working mom that almost manages to fit almost everything, friends, church, fun, etc. without going crazy.

Then today on the way home from ballet, I realized I didn't have anything ready for dinner. We decided to go out to eat & 15 minutes after we got to the restaurant, Lela was screaming and no one had even seated us or even greeted us. We left and headed to one of our favorite restaurants even though Lela still wasn't happy. An hour later, we still didn't have our food. Lela was starving by this point so we got our food to go. On the way home I just cried. I was tired, hungry, grumpy and realized that I had no business giving advice to anyone on finding balance. I was crying over dinner for goodness sakes! The only thing I had business doing was to go home and calling the doctor about doubling up my medicine.

Only kidding.

Kind of.

That was my long was of saying that you aren't getting any advice from me today. All you get are some cute pictures of the girls.

Oh my goodness.  Aren't they sweet?  Makes my day happy just seeing their smiling faces!


Carla Bourland said...

This made me laugh (with you - not at you) because I have SO been there when all I wanted was a nice dinner out and wondering what possessed me to think that it would happen with my two little girls in tow. God bless you and your two sweet girls.

Julee said...

Precious pics!! Such sweet girls!

Taylor said...

Can totally relate to crazy upside down days! And your girls are beyond beautiful!!!!!

Kimberley said...

you are not alone, i have cried over dinner too! :)

hats off to you for working at home with your girls. i couldn't imagine!