Thursday, September 6, 2012

Soccer Star

For almost a year, Neely has talked incessantly about wanting to play soccer.  So, last Spring, on the first day of enrollment, I paid my money and got her registered.  Then I sent a super sweet email to the program director explaining how I would really appreciate it if they could put Neely and her 2 best friends on the same team.  I had imagined myself and the other moms sitting on the sidelines visiting for 3 hours a week and that made soccer seem a lot less miserable.

And then the next morning, I got the email explaining that was NOT how this league worked.  They took 4 year old soccer seriously.  They followed some official soccer rules and you can not request teams.  And just by requesting this, if by some reason they happened to end up on the same team, I could put the league in jeopardy.  Oops.

And I was so sad.  Three hours a week.  Sitting by myself.  Drama queen much?  So I did what any good mom would do.  I turned it over to the Lord.  I prayed all summer that Neely would hate soccer.  And if she hated it, my plan was to let her quit.  Problem solved.

And then the first email came out.  And Neely was on a team with one of her friends.  And she was thrilled.  And so am I. 

Isn't she the cutest soccer player you've ever seen?


His Doorkeeper said...

She looks soooooo cute in her uniform!

Jenn said...

Yay! you are back!!

Kelly said...

Happy happy happy

How "Sweet" it is... said...

I couldn't be happier! So great to see your face TWO days a week : ).

How "Sweet" it is... said...

I couldn't be happier!! So great to see your face TWO days a week!