Monday, October 1, 2012

31 days of being more focused & Day 1

As we all know, I have trouble keeping up with my blog.  So I've decided to link up with The Nester and do her 31 days series.  And luckily there was a topic that I had been struggling with that I can use as an excuse to blog about.  I'm hoping that I can make improvements in this area and also get into the habit of blogging again.

I'm a busy mom.  I have a 4 year old that has just started getting busy with extra curricular activities.  I have a one year old that still requires a lot of one on one attention.  I have a full time job.  I love my friends & want to be a good friend.  I'm close to my family.  I have a lot of responsibilities, but so many days I feel like I'm not doing anything well.

So for the next 31 days, I am going to try to live a more focused day.  Each day, I am going to add a habit, delete a habit, make a change.  Something.  Something that makes my actions more intentional.  Sometimes it will be big, but many days it will be small.  Hopefully in the end, it will make me a better mom, wife, friend.

So Day 1 -  Stop talking on the phone in the car when I'm with my family

Now this is hard for me.  I love, love, love to talk on the phone.  So many of the important people in my life live far away and the 10 minutes that I am in the car 10 times a day allow me to catch up with them. 

But what am I telling my kids by doing this?  That this conversation on the phone is more important than the conversation with them?  This one on one time, with no distractions is precious to my kids.  It should be precious to me.  I don't want my girls to look back at their childhood and only think of me on the phone.

So how did it go?  I'll admit today was an easy day.  My kids go to MDO/preschool on Monday, so we didn't spend a lot of time in the car.  But this morning on the way to school, Neely and I talked about how excited she was to see her friends & what her plans are for her birthday.  Then on the way home we went over all the letters & sounds that she has been working on.  Did she notice my new resolution?  Probably not.  But do I think she will notice in the long run?  I do.  I also think it will get harder.  There will be days where I need a few minutes to decompress & I know a few minutes on the phone with a friend will help.  But I need to do this for 31 days.  Just to get in the habit.

So, I hope you'll come back for the rest of the month.  Hopefully, I will also blog about the fun things that are going on in our life, things I love, things I believe this month, but I am committing to my 31 days posts.

Tomorrow...I'm deleting facebook and twitter off my phone.  YIKES!


Lena ~ JOYfilled family said...

prayers for a fruitful journey - 31 days.

Maryellen said...

Good for you !
Change is hard but so worth it !
I am NOT a phone person hah
If it wasn't for the "flat tire fear" I would not have a cell phone. I think it is because I am a customer service rep and I have a headset on my head all day for 20 years. So when I am free of that NO PHONE. HAH

Be encouraged - I am going to check back and see what other great ideas you have. I'm sure many of them I will need to consider also. Happy Changing : )

Lea Speight said...

Love that you are doing this! You inspired me to do it too! Maybe we can keep each other accountable!!

Jenn said...

Im proud of you! I am trying to come up with something....maybe I am not too late into the 31 days. I cant wait to read about your family all month.