Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Day 2 - Deleting Twitter & Facebook and What We've Been Up To

Wow.  I know to you I seem like I am always distracted by my phone & maybe I am. 

I always have my phone with me.  And when I have a moment of quiet, the first thing that I do is pull it out, check my email, scan through facebook, then check in on Twitter.  Although I try not to do it when I am with the girls, I find myself doing it a lot.

Girls are eating breakfast...read everyone's morning facebook statuses
Waiting to pick up the girls...see who is doing what on twitter
Cooking dinner...scan through my emails.

Do I do this all the time?  No, but I do it enough that I think it's an issue.  I would love to remove all data from my phone for the next 30 days, but my company pays for my phone and my data, so I have to be able to get my emails on go.  And I don't enjoy those emails, so they really don't count...right? 

So how did today go?

I have to admit, what I really struggled with was not talking on the phone in the car.  Tuesdays involve more driving & each trip is at least 15 minutes.  I found myself automatically picking up my phone to dial & then having to remember to put it down.  I have to be honest...it was great.  Neely never quits talking & we had at least an hour of conversation today in the car.  And she is so funny...I

As far as missing twitter and facebook, that wasn't so bad.  I didn't have a lot of downtime today, so I didn't really miss it.  Usually while I am waiting for Neely at gymnastics, I spend time scrolling through status updates, but today I spent that time visiting with my friends.  Much better!

The thing that I realized today is that by not talking on the phone in the car, I had to push off some work calls, which left me feeling behind later.  So I think I need to focus on time management & unfortunately, the only place that I can get some extra uninterrupted time is in the morning.  This leads me to...

Day 3 - Waking up earlier (yuck)


And just a little of what we have been up to:

1.  Neely has become obsessed with having curly hair & loves her pink rollers

2.  Lela's hair is long enough for pigtails & I am obsessed.  Unfortunately, she takes her hair down almost immediately every time I fix it.

3.  I hung these empty picture frames down my stairway last January.  Last week, I finally put family pictures in them!

4.  Brad & Neely are in the process of transitioning to our fall flowers.  I love fall and beds full of pansies make me so happy.


Kelly said...

Lela in those dog ears!!!! LOVE!!!!!

And I wore those sponge rollers every night for about 10 years. I wonder if I could Harper in them.

Love this blogging streak you are on! Keep it up! I need to delete twitter and FB from my phone too.

Lea Speight said...

I wish Emerson would wear rollers - I think I am going to try it and see if we can get rid of straight as a board hair. And I love Lela in those dog hears.

I think tomorrow I am going to delete Facebook and twitter off my phone! I am sure I would feel so free!!!!!

Love that you are blogging! Your blogs encourage me to do many of the same things!!