Sunday, November 4, 2012

Halloween and Babyproofing

Hope y'all had a great Halloween.  It is no secret that Halloween is one of my least favorite holidays, but my girls loved it this year, so that made it fun.

Neely dressed up as Merida.
 And Lela as Minnie Mouse.
The girls got to dress up at school and then we trick-or treated with friends in our neighborhood.  Neely got so much candy and she is thrilled.  I'm giving the candy a couple more days before I throw it all out.

Now on to baby proofing.  Neely has always been a super compliant child.  When she was a baby, we put up a couple gates and were done.  All we had to do was tell her no a couple times and she never bothered things again.  

And then we had Lela.  And she is into everything.  We put gates at the bottom of our stairs & closed all the doors and thought that she couldn't get in trouble.  Until she started opening doors.  We have the lever style doorknobs & of course, she can open them super easily.  I looked at the knob covers, but they are $15 each and have terrible reviews.  One of the negatives is that if the lock is engaged, you can't use the door from the other side, so I knew that wouldn't work.  I knew I had to find a solution or she was going to drive me crazy.  I googled and searched pinterest...and nothing.  

So I came up with my own solution and I think it's genius.  I stapled ribbon to the top of all my doors & tied it to the lever.  This way, in order to open the door, you have to push up.  Lela isn't able to do this yet, but Neely can still easily open the doors.  And I did it to the inside of the doors, so from the main areas of my house, the doors still look the same.  I know this isn't a forever solution, but it was cheap and easy and will solve the problem until she is a little older and understands rules a little better.

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